Can A Lost Book Bring Destruction?

…… A House Divided Cannot Stand …….

A Fictional Narrative

Many years ago a group of individuals searching for a land of their own came across a beautiful and bountiful land. They settled it and established a town complete with everything a well-run town could provide its citizens. The town was governed through the wisdom of a book that contained all that was necessary to make the town and its inhabitants live a full and peaceful life.

Everything went well in the town for many years…… many generations. The town grew and the population increased to the point that it was the size of a small city. However, they started to get away from looking to the book for help in making decisions for the town. It was gradual at first. Some in the town felt that they didn’t need the book and were able to make decisions for themselves. They started to establish laws that were in direct opposition to the ways laid out in the book.

One day they realized that the book had been lost. They had made their own way for so long that nobody could remember where the book was or what it contained. Some in the city searched for the book, but others felt that everything was going well and the book was not needed. The truth was that everything was not going well. The people couldn’t see this because they had abandoned the one thing that kept them and the city on the right track. The looming question was; Would they realize that they were headed for real trouble? The city would not endure much longer if they did not realize the danger they were in and turn back to what had made their town grow and prosper initially.

The book was ultimately found and some of the people searched through it for direction. What they came across in the book gave them pause. The book detailed what would happen to any town or city that abandoned the ways of the book. It spoke of a decay that would grow and result in the destruction of the city. It would come from within initially because of the loss of the wisdom the book offered resulting in decisions made that would destroy them. The book had been their anchor.

Those that searched for and found the book went to the people of the city and told them all the book said. The city was divided between those that wanted to go the way of the book and those that wanted to go their own way. We leave this story wondering what will become of this city. We know a house divided cannot stand. We also know that if those that do not want to follow the book have their way then it means certain destruction for the people and the city. Which way will they choose? Only time will tell.

We, as a nation, have the same choice today. The Lord gave us the Bible to show us the way. Over the years some have been tempted to leave the wisdom of the book for traditions and ways they have established themselves. The Lord gave us His truth because He knew that left to ourselves, we would make our own rules and would judge by what was right in our own eyes. This would result in following ways that are in direct opposition to the Word of God. This is exactly what is happening today. Moral decisions are made without the guidance of the Lord and His wisdom. The result will be a people or society that accepts sinful ways as acceptable. The choice is clear: Do we follow the ways of the Lord that will bring blessing and prosperity, or do we abandon the “book” and bring certain judgment on our land? Only time will tell.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Here I Am, Lord –Tom Quinn Ministries –

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