One Woman’s Journey

Another Story Of The Miracle Of Salvation

A Sequel To One Man’s Journey

“You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, in your right hand are pleasures forever” (Psalm 16:11).

There once was a woman who had a great life. Her husband was a good man and a good husband and father. She also had a wonderful son and daughter. The woman was thankful every day for the blessings of having such an incredible family and such an exceptional life.

That was until the day her husband began acting somewhat strangely. You see, her husband had stopped at a mission on his way to work one day and had not been the same since. He was always a religious person, but now he was what she might call fanatical. He was talking about Jesus constantly and encouraging her to read her Bible.

She felt that religion had its place, but her husband had taken this religion thing to a whole other level. She believed in God, went to church every week, and tried to live a good life. She felt that she was doing all that her church required of her to be a member in good standing.

However, the woman did notice that her husband seemed to have a relationship with God that she did not have. He spoke of the love the Lord had for us and he had a faith in God that she admired. He also had a joy that she had never seen in him before.

All this made her very curious about his newfound faith. She wouldn’t admit it to him, but she had decided to look into it herself. She began reading the Bible as he had suggested and came across some pretty amazing things.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet, a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105).

The Bible said that the Lord loved us and that we could know that we have Eternal Life by repenting of our sins and placing our faith in Jesus and His great sacrifice at the cross. Having attended church from a young age, she knew that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but the woman never heard it preached that faith in Him and His death on the cross would bring us into a personal relationship with the Lord and into the salvation of our soul that everyone seeking the Lord so desired. But there it was as plain as day.

“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you might know that you have eternal life” (1 John 5:13).

She had always been taught that she was to have faith, but she was also taught that she needed to do her part. This did not agree with the Word of God. Jesus said, “It is finished” just before He died on the cross. He had paid the price for our sins in total. What He did satisfied the demands of a Holy God against the sin of the world. What could we possibly add to that? She now saw that the Lord required repentance from us for our sins that cost Him so much, and faith in what He had done for us on the cross.

Verily (truly), Verily (truly), I (Jesus) say unto you, Except a man be born again (through repentance and trust in what Jesus accomplished at the cross), he cannot see (comprehend/apprehend) the kingdom of God” (John 3:3).

The woman now saw why her husband had such a love for Jesus and spoke of Him as one knowing the Lord intimately, and why he had such great joy. She too wanted what her husband had for herself and her family. She felt that her eyes had been opened and that for the very first time she could say that she knew the Lord and had seen His great love for us all. A love that would bring Him from glory to die on a cruel cross for her sin and the sin of the world.

“But as many as received Him (Jesus), to them gave He power to become the sons (and daughters) of God, even to them who believed on His Name” (John 1:12).

This day would be a most special day in the life of the woman. A day that she would remember for the rest of her life. She had come to know the “path of life”. His Name is Jesus. When we find Him, we have found everything our soul needs and we are greatly blessed.

“But the path of righteousness is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day” (Proverbs 4:18).

If you have never come to the Lord in repentance and faith, you can pray the following prayer, as many have done before you, and make things right with the Lord.

Sinner’s Prayer

Dear God in Heaven,

I come to You in the Name of Jesus. I’m sorry for my sins, the way I’ve lived, the things I’ve done. Please forgive me and cleanse me with Your precious Blood from all unrighteousness. With my mouth, I confess Jesus Christ. In my heart, I believe that God raised Him from the dead and that He is alive. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as the Savior of my soul. I make Him the Lord of my life, and according to His Word, which cannot lie: I am washed, I am cleansed, I am forgiven. I am saved. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer and believed, according to the Word of God, you have been born again (born spiritually). Praise the Lord!

Always Remember,

God Loves You!

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